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Customisable Skincare Gift Box – Four Items


May we present to you – just in time for Christmas – our brand new skincare gift boxes. Treat someone special this year, whether they’re a CBD user already, or whether you want to show them the power of CBD, these topical gift boxes have something for everyone.

In our customisable gift boxes, you will get a total of four items. They are:

  • Your choice of any scent Bud Suds CBD bubble bath
  • A tub of our high strength topical balm
  • A bar of our lavender and lemongrass CBD soap
  • A spray bottle of CBD hand sanitiser

The RRP of the products purchased together normally would be £67. These gift boxes are retailing at £50, that’s a whopping saving of more than 20%!

Treat someone special this Christmas. These are great for those that already use CBD but are also a fantastic way to introduce someone you feel could benefit from CBD to our product range.

These will be a limited run so get yours now before they go!

See individual product listings.
See individual product listings.
See individual product listings.
There is always less than 0.01% THC in our products to comply with UK Law. Please see our lab results for further information.