Happy National CBD Day. This year has been quite a rollercoaster, but here at Lakeland CBD we ride the ups and downs and own them!

Covid 19 has changed the UK, its effected millions of people across the world and we are in the midst of a life-changing event with only a very feint light at the end of the tunnel, but nevertheless there is a light and its getting closer.

So, in the eye of the pandemic we are taking a small breather today to celebrate National CBD Day; giving us chance to reflect on where we’ve came from, appreciate the present and look forward to what the future brings.

With 22 years of friendship behind us, our Directors Nic & Luke are the ultimate dynamic duo. With Nic’s creativity and inspired, blue sky thinking combined with Luke’s magical methodology, meticulous eye for detail, and innovative problem -solving skills. We have the perfect balance to flourish whilst keeping to our core ethics. Hailing from the Lake District in Cumbria, Nic and Luke spent their adolescent years side by side through high school with Luke acting as a huge support to Nic through her battle with Mental health after being diagnosed with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder at 15.

Fast forward to 18 years later: Nic, after being flooded by Storm Desmond, hit a rough patch and was recommended CBD by a family friend in the psychotherapy and counselling sector. After considerable research and a lot of trial and error, Nic found an oil that worked; but she also found that the CBD market was a minefield. There was a lot of online information and no one to speak to, just faceless websites. Nic, knowing that Luke had been a cannabis advocate since they were younger, shared her findings over a beer and a burger one night. The rest, as they say, is history. Following 2 years of trading, They have established Lakeland CBD as Cumbria’s First Cannabis Company providing consistently reliable high -quality CBD products on the UK market. The available product range is expanding rapidly, we are building a network of retailers who will stock our products locally and we are moving closer to manufacturing our products in-house!


On March 23rd, to keep our directors and customers safe, we closed the doors to our Office in the Atlas works. If you’ve been in our offices, you’ll know how small they are, so to ensure that our directors and customers stay safe, our doors remain closed for now, but our products are available online and delivered straight to your door! And after a huge overhaul of our website by very talented friends at Flying Fox Creative we now have a wealth of information about Lakeland CBD, CBD in general and all of our products. All of which we’re very proud. If you haven’t seen our new website yet, check it out!

Lakeland CBD

Working from home has been a huge transition for us all, and by all we mean us and the rest of the world. Our living rooms became our office, our dining rooms became our stock room and the kitchens became our labs. Many companies have treaded water through Covid 19 and just about managed to keep their head above water, but not us, noooo. We decided to use the time and space we created across 3 houses to look at how we can serve our customers and community better. So with some research, development and a lot of cannamagic, we started to experiment!

With the threat of Covid against our immune systems, we wanted to help our customers the only way we know how, by providing quality products that do exactly what they say on the tin. In June 2020 to celebrate our 2nd year in business we launched our brand new Immune Booster Capsules. The caps contain 300mg of CBD and are packed full of Vitamin C to give your immune system a boost. Take a look at them here



But we didn’t stop there.

Using hand sanitiser has become the norm, but with the strong alcohol used in the gels and the constant use, we heard from so many people that their hands were getting dry and sore. So, again we did what we do best and came up with a solution. Lakeland CBD hand sanitiser. All of the protection with a splash of CBD to promote healing. They come in a handy spray bottle making them easy to use on the go.


Nic and Luke have worked hard to create a CBD community within their own communities of Carlisle, Copeland, Allerdale and Eden. Both Nic and Luke live in the West of the county and like you, they saw how the pressure on the NHS increased as Covid peaked. With friends and family working on the front line and their partners being keyworkers Nic & Luke wanted to give a helping hand to those risking their lives for the good of the people.

We are a small but mighty company, so we put together over 100 Lakeland CBD care packages and distributed them to frontline staff at the Copeland Unit at West Cumberland Hospital , W.Fare Ltd. Pharmacy, Bethel House care home and Calderwood House homeless hostel.


So we’ve had a pretty hectic few months, but as lockdown lifts, and so does our mood, we look forward to what the future brings. We have made some friends at The Little Vape Cave in Whitehaven and Strange and Beautiful in Workington who now stock our products and we’re looking for more outlets across the county!










And for the TV addicts amongst you, you may have seen our wee advert on ITV



So with our new friends stocking our products, our company making waves across the county with our advert we have been able to concentrate on making our own concoctions, which will be coming to a shelf near you soon!












From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank our friends, our family and our customers for their continued support throughout the last 2 years and especially the last few months. We’re all in this together, and with Lakeland CBD to help power you through, we’ll all come back fighting!