Why should you choose Lakeland CBD?

Here at Lakeland CBD we choose to go above and beyond to provide our customers, friends and family with the highest quality products. But when you look around at other CBD companies they all say the same thing. So here are a few reasons why we think we’re the best choice for CBD.

Carrier oils.

Most CBD companies use carrier oils in their products such as hemp seed oil, olive oil etc. which have no benefits. This gives some oils the golden colour and the runny consistency. To get your daily dose of CBD you often need to take whole dropper full of oil and bottles run out quickly.

Our oils are made with carrier oil made from the Hemp Plant in which your CBD is extracted from. So the CBD you are taking is Full Spectrum meaning you get all the benefits of all the different CBD compounds extracted from the plant, our carrier is also full spectrum giving it that extra kick! This makes our oil very potent so you don’t need to take a lot to get the benefits. Making your bottle/syringe last longer and you get more value for money.Mixing our oils with a full spectrum carrier oil gives our oil the dark colour and paste like consistency. It’s the real deal!

Honey Infused Oils

Everyone’s taste buds are different but raw CBD extract has quite a bitter taste, this also another reason that CBD companies use carrier oils, to mask the taste. However, our oils are infused with organic honey, giving it a much sweeter taste, and because we don’t use a regular carrier oil, you don’t get that oily coating over your mouth and teeth!


We CHOOSE  to regulate our products.

The CBD industry is not really regulated. CBD is a food supplement and we have to abide by the food standards agency rules in terms of labelling but that is really as far as regulation goes.

We want you, our customers to know that the products we are selling are safe, are from reputable sources and are high quality.

Each of our products have a batch number on the back, this batch number allows us to trace our products from seed to shelf, so we know exactly what kind of seed was planted to grow the hemp in which your CBD was extracted from, we know what pesticides were used (NONE), we know when it was transported to the labs, we know when the CO2 extraction was done, we know which batch of honey it was infused with and we know what batch of full spectrum carrier oil it was mixed with.

We also have third party testing done on all batches. This allows YOU to see the CBD content of your product. All you need to do is get the batch number of your product and match it up with the lab results on our website. All lab results are published here.

Not only do we voluntarily regulate ourselves we are also part of two associations who actively support, lobby and educate our government and welcome a regulated market.

CannaPro is headed up by the President of CLEAR: Cannabis Policy Reform. To be approved as a CannPro member, your must be compliant in all of the laws set by the Food Standards Agency, The Medicines Health Review Agency and you must have traceability of your products.

The BHA support all sectors of the Hemp & CBD Industry and are primarily focused on lobby the government, raising awareness about Hemp and the uses of it and supporting the whole of the industry.


WE try and test all of our products to ensure they are the highest quality.

When we first started Lakeland CBD we did extensive market research into what was the best way of making and selling CBD to oil. But our priority was on quality. Between the directors we tested a huge amount of oils and we truly believe the oil that we sell to you is the best on the market. All of the directors use our oil and have seen huge improvements in their overall health and wellbeing, and we don’t hide the fact that we use our oils and we gladly share personal improvements we have seen with our customers.

The labs where our oil is made spend a lot of time and money doing extensive research and development of CBD and we work very closely with them providing feedback from our customers, ourselves and our friends and families. Any feedback we are given is shared with the labs so that our products and range of products can just keep getting bigger and better.

Each new product that we bring out, is tried and tested by the directors and their friends and families as quality testing. For example, our new heat cream has been tested by Nics mum & Aunty!  They loved it, it does the job, so we put it on the shelves.

The directors are currently testing a new product and should the results that we have had keep going, we will be launching a new product very soon! Something we’ve wanted to stock for a while, but we had to find the best way to ensure our customers are given products that are to the same high standard as our current oils and products.

We are in the heart of the UK’s CBD industry.

The CBD industry is relatively new to the UK, and it is growing at an exponential rate. To keep up with the market, the business, the developments and the laws we regularly attend meetings in London with the British Hemp Association, we exhibit and visit at the Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham.

Nic, our director is also one of the creators of The Hemp Collective. A community of CBD & hemp business who support each other, share knowledge, and encourage compliance for all members.

Members of The Hemp Collective

With over 248 members, the information that is shared, the discussions and the knowledge of the people in this group is phenomenal this ensure that we are the forefront of the industry. The UK is quickly heading towards legalisation for medicinal use, more and more people are demanding for Cannabis and CBD to easily accessed, the CBD industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the UK, and we are making sure that Cumbria and Lakeland CBD are leading the charge and keeping us on the map!



We’re proud of our brand, were proud of our products and we hope that you’ll love them as much as we do.


If you have questions about or products or would like to give us some feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch


Peace, Love & CBD