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New beginnings

Ladies and gentlemen, changes are afoot. Big changes. Important changes. Changes that will benefit all of our customers, old and new.

Let me start by informing you all that we have made the decision to discontinue the little 10ml bottles of our original oil completely, though I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, here’s a little bit of background information to explain why.

The idea of Lakeland CBD was born in February 2018. And, I think you’ll all agree, we’ve come a long way since then. Not only as a company, but as an industry. CBD is big business now and, while we’re only a small business, we want to be the best and most competitive business we can be.

We registered as a company in March 2018 and opened our doors to the public in June 2018. At the time, the only oils available to take orally came in the little 10ml bottles with the pipettes. I’m sure many of you will agree, the little bottles and pipettes are a pain in the butt.

Because – from day one – we didn’t ever want to compromise on strength and quality, our oil has always remained dark, thick and sticky, like cannabis oil is naturally. The downside to this was that the little bottles with the pipettes have always been hard to work with, especially at this time of year when they’re cold. We know this, we used them ourselves personally until better alternatives came along. And, while we applaud the majority of you for persevering with them, we know they’re not ideal.

This is why we introduced the syringes and, more recently, the tubs of capsules. The problem with the bottles and the pipettes is that there is no easy way to accurately measure a dose. We suggest a rice grain-sized amount for a drop but, as you’re all aware, this is easier said than done.

Making your life easier

The capsules and syringes make getting a full daily dose in one go so much easier but the reason we continued to sell so many little bottles is simply because of the difference in price. While the capsules have since overtook the little bottles as our best-selling products, we do still sell a lot of the little bottles because they’re more affordable.

And that’s how we’ve arrived at what was always going to be the natural progression going forward.

Saving you money

Starting right now, our prices for the capsules and the syringes have been dropped in line with what we charge for the little bottles, giving you the simplest and most effective ways to take our high-strength CBD oil at very competitive prices.

You may ask why we didn’t just do this from day one and the answer is simple: the cost to us. The capsules and syringes were always much more expensive to buy in than the little bottles so we couldn’t offer them for the same price. But, as an incentive to ditch the bottles completely, our suppliers have permanently dropped the prices of the capsules and the syringes so we can now pass those savings on to you, our customers.

New products

But that’s not the only piece of good news. As the industry grows, our suppliers are constantly looking for ways to deliver high-strength and high-quality CBD at affordable prices. This means we will soon be introducing higher strength oils at prices you can afford.

Coming soon will be the following:

  • Tubs of 1000mg and 2000mg capsules
  • 2000mg syringes
  • Bottles of 1000mg ‘Clear’ spray

In addition to this, we are also dropping the prices of our 500mg ‘Clear’ spray bottles to just £30 and our 100mg vape liquid bottles to just £10. We will also be introducing 500mg strength vape liquids for just £20 per bottle. Everybody wins!

We understand some of you may be disappointed to see the little bottles go but we can assure you all, it’s for the best. No longer will you need compromise ease of use to save some money. You will now be able to purchase three times the amount of CBD in doses that are already accurately measured for you or that you can accurately measure yourself for the same kind of prices you were paying for the little bottles.

Here’s a handy table to compare prices and show you exactly what we mean:

Product Old price New price
300mg 10ml bottles £30.00 Discontinued
600mg 10ml bottles £45.00 Discontinued
300mg 30ml tub of capsules (30x10mg) £55.00 £30.00
600mg 30ml tub of capsules (30x20mg) £90.00 £50.00
1000mg 30ml tub of capsules (30x34mg) New product £70.00
2000mg 60ml tub of capsules (60x34mg) New product £100.00
300mg 30ml syringe £65.00 £35.00
600mg 30ml syringe £110.00 £55.00
1000mg 30ml syringe £140.00 £75.00
2000mg 30ml syringe New product £105.00
500mg 10ml ‘Clear’ spray £40.00 £30.00
1000mg 10ml ‘Clear’ spray New product £50.00
100mg 10ml strawberry vape liquid £20.00 £10.00
500mg 10ml strawberry vape liquid New product £20.00
100mg 10ml blueberry vape liquid £20.00 £10.00
500mg 10ml blueberry vape liquid New product £20.00


The end of an era

As it stands, there are currently eleven bottles of 300mg oil and five bottles of 600mg oil on the shelf. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. If you’d like to get your hands on the few remaining bottles of oil, then feel free to place an order. We will not be restocking these once they’re gone.

Lakeland CBD – the brand you can trust

In addition to these changes, we will also be focussing massively on our wholesale operation this year. We’re realistic and realise we were simply too expensive previously to make us attractive to resellers. With reduced retail prices comes reduced wholesale prices. We are going to start making it easier for you to get your hands on Lakeland CBD products in your local area.

As you’re probably aware, CBD is everywhere now. But that makes it difficult as consumers to distinguish which brands are genuine CBD and which are simply bottles of hemp seed oil or less. Lakeland CBD oil is high-strength and high-quality and has been from day one. This will not be compromised with the price-drop.

If you’re a reseller looking to stock Lakeland CBD products, you can contact us at for a wholesale pricelist and more information. Our phone number is 01228 739099 during office hours.

As always, our website is where you will find all of our products available for purchase. Our shelves are fully stocked at the minute with our entire range. Now that our oils are even cheaper, you’ve really got nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? Let Lakeland CBD change your life the way it’s changed ours.